Canadian University Survey Consortium: What students really think

Students respond to questions about everything from opinions about their professors to campus activities and support services

<p>VANCOUVER, BC &#8211; October 14th, 2014 &#8211;  4th-year international relations student Julie Charest, 24, works in a quiet study room in UBC&#8217;s Irving K. Barber Learning Centre on October 14th, 2014.<br />

Photograph by Simon Hayter

Photograph by Simon Hayter
Photograph by Simon Hayter

The Canadian University Survey Consortium (CUSC) survey is an annual survey with a focus on student satisfaction. In 2014, 28 institutions took part, administering an online questionnaire to a random sample of middle-years students at each school. More than 22,500 students responded for an overall response rate of 30 per cent.

Below are four questions that reflect how students feel about their professors and how comfortable they feel at their university. Responses are ordered according to the percentage who chose the highest level of satisfaction, “Strongly Agree.”

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Generally, I am satisfied with the quality of teaching I have received.

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I feel as if I belong at this university.

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Most of my professors treat students as individuals, not just numbers.

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Most of my professors are intellectually stimulating in their teaching.

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