University Rankings 2015: Primarily Undergraduate

Mount Allison holds on to first place, while UNBC moves up to second

<p>Prof. Akindele Odeshi from the department of mechanical engineering lectures to his first year GE124 Engineering Mechanics class in the &#8220;airplane&#8221; room at the University of Saskatchewan. Photograph by Derek Mortensen</p>

Photograph by Derek Mortensen

Photograph by Derek Mortensen
Photograph by Derek Mortensen

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Maclean’s ranks universities in six broad areas based on 12 performance indicators, allocating a weight to each indicator. Universities are placed in one of three categories, recognizing the differences in types of institutions, levels of research funding, diversity of offerings, and breadth and depth of graduate and professional programs. Primarily Undergraduate universities are largely focused on undergraduate education, with relatively fewer graduate programs and graduate students.

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