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Theresa Simba
<p>Students walk through the Engineering building at the University of Manitoba on Monday, October 1, 2012 (Photo by Marianne Helm for MACLEANS MAGAZINE)</p>

Students walk through the engineering building. Photo by Marianne Helm.

Students walk through the engineering building. Photo by Marianne Helm.

Best hangover breakfast: Rise ’n’ shine breakfast at Degrees
Favourite watering hole: The Hub Social Club
Best place to study: St. Paul’s College library
Worst place to study: University Centre
Coolest electives: Introduction to Leisure Travel
Best spectator sport: Bisons hockey
Best place to live: Arthur V. Mauro Residence
Best campus events: Frosh Music Festival

PROFILE: University of Manitoba | Winnipeg, Man. | Founded 1877

University Insider: Theresa Simba, 25, Computer Engineering

Don’t be misled by the cold, grey winter days. Inside the walls of the U of M are a group of warm and vibrant individuals who make up for the harsh weather. Here at the Fort Garry campus, the university is always busy with 29,000 students shuffling to our various classes during the weekdays. The University Centre, true to its name, is the centre of all activity. It is home to the campus food court, which recently added an Afro-Caribbean cuisine stand, along with the bookstore, the Hub pub, the convenience store, Degrees restaurant and the newly renovated IQ’s Café & Billiards.

Our student union is always hustling to take care of non-academic interests. With a variety of student groups, we have activities ranging from salsa to photography. The union even offers on-campus employment through their campus businesses.

Have I mentioned how strikingly beautiful our campus becomes in summer? The greenery around the SmartPark area, our on-campus science and technology research facility, provides a natural background for selfies and even outdoor yoga!

Our new 10,700-sq.-foot, state-of-the-art Active Living Centre is used by our 400 athletes, plus students, staff and the community at large. Our athletes are known as the Manitoba Bisons, with 18 teams representing us in 10 different sports including football, hockey, soccer and volleyball.

Local Vibe
The city is known for its artistic and musical talent. The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra will sweep you away with its diverse range of concerts. The Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights are other highlights.

The Skinny
For all current news on or off campus, visit the Manitoban ( and also

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