University rankings Canada 2017: Primarily undergraduate

Full results from our most comprehensive rankings ever
Masters student Theo Mlynowski, 30, examines lake bed core samples in his studies of the effect of glacial fluctuation at the University of Nothern BC. (PHOTOGRAPH BY SIMON HAYTER)

University rankings 2017 Student

Universities in the Primarily Undergraduate category are generally smaller in size and offer fewer graduate programs. Click here for the Comprehensive category and here for the Medical Doctoral category.

To find out how each university placed on 12 of the 14 ranking indicators, click on the plus sign in the first column. The final two columns show how each university placed on the other two indicators: student satisfaction and reputation. Click on the head of either of these two columns and the universities will re-organize based on how well they did on that measure. To find out more about a specific university, click on its name and you will be taken to a full profile of the institution.

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*Indicates a tie. Full methodology here.
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