Chris Helland: Dalhousie sociology professor and tattooed surfer bro

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Dalhouse University Professor Chris Helland

Christopher Helland is a professor at Dalhousie University and an avid surfer. (Photograph by Darren Calabrese)

By day, they toil in the ivory tower’s rarefied air. After hours, they break out surfboards, silks and a bed of nails. These are the stories of Canada’s most adventurous university faculty and staff. Click here for the rest of our Hidden Talents series.

Chris Helland: Professor Chris Helland begins his intro to sociology course at Dalhousie by stripping down. He explains that though his suit and tie are fitting for a prof of his stature—Helland has worked in northern India with the Dalai Lama and received millions in grants—underneath he’s a tattooed surfer bro who loves video games. Then he poses this question to the class: “Am I still the same person I was before the start of class?” The answer is always a shocked “No,” with a good lesson about preconceived societal judgment to boot.

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