10 things we learned about Paul Ryan this weekend

1. He was first elected to congress at the age of 28, way back in 1998.

10 things we learned this weekend about 42-year-old Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential pick:

  1. He was first elected to congress at the age of 28, way back in 1998.
  2. He hunts deer with a bow and arrow. Then he makes his own sausages.
  3. Ryan’s true love is budget-cutting. His plan calls for large reductions in benefits from medicare, the American healthcare benefit for seniors.  Ryan is not so interested in reducing America’s defence spending.
  4. He sleeps in his office during his four-day workweek in Washington, D.C. He maintains his real home in Janesville, Wisconsin, with his wife and three kids.
  5. He is a faithful adherent to the grueling P90x workout videos, which likely gives him the best abs of anyone ever named on a presidential ticket.
  6. He opposes the recognition of same-sex marriage, but in 2007 supported a law that would prohibit employment discrimination based on sexual orientation.
  7. He once supported the lifting of the trade embargo to Cuba: “If we’re going to have free trade with China, why not Cuba?” he said in 2008. He has since changed his tune.
  8. His father died at aged 16. This was a turning point for young Ryan, who became rather more serious and industrious.
  9. He has for many years led attempts to privatize portions of social security, America’s pension plan for most workers.
  10. He has great hair, potentially making the Romney-Ryan pair the best haired presidential pair of all time.


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