50 bombs found in Barrie home after arrest of murder suspect

57 people have been evacuated from a neighborhood after over 50 bombs were found in the home of a man arrested in connection with a 1978 murder. Barrie police sent in a bomb squad on Sunday to perform controlled detonations of the explosive devices, the National Post reports. Officers continue to search the home.

Donald Feldhoff, 54, was arrested last week and charged with the murder murder of Michael Traynor in 1978. Feldoff’s 75-year-old father William has also been charged as an accessory. Donald Feldhoff turned himself in to police last Wednesday.

A cache of chemicals and weapons was found along with the explosives in the Barrie home of the accused.

Displaced residents have not had access to their homes since Thursday. “Nobody’s mad,” a police officer noted. “They just want to go home.”