A new poll suggests an NDP groundswell in Newfoundland and Labrador

A new telephone survey by Environics Research Group indicates that more voters in Newfoundland and Labrador support the federal New Democrats than any other party, according to the Globe and Mail:

The telephone survey by Environics Research Group released late last week, which polled 1,000 residents of the province between June 19 and 29, indicates that the NDP is the voters’ party of choice — particularly in and around St. John’s, the provincial capital.

Federally, the New Democrats under Thomas Mulcair have picked up 16 points since the May 2011 election to lead with 49 per cent, well ahead of the Liberals. They have slipped four points to 34 per cent support, while the Conservatives are down 11 points to only 17 per cent in the province.

In 2008, the Tories received only 16.5 per cent of the popular vote after Danny Williams, a Progressive Conservative and one of Newfoundland’s most popular primers, actively campaigned against them.  

While the NDP have also seen a boost in support provincially, they are still trailing behind the Liberals and PCs in voting intentions. The poll suggests, however, that if an election were held today the surge in NDP support would lead to Newfoundland’s first minority government since Confederation.

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