An exhibition of books that don’t exist

London artists plan to mount a show featuring 40 imaginary titles

Using the resources of the Invisible Library blog, which lists hundreds of non-existent books mentioned in fiction, a group of London artists plan to mount a show featuring 40 of the imaginary titles. Sort of, that is: the “illustration collective” INK announced that “working with bestselling writers and novelists, as well as high-profile cultural and musical figures, the opening or closing pages of these 40 empty books with illustrated covers, will be penned in advance of the exhibition.” But visitors will be invited to “sign out” the partially-written books and add their own chapters and ruminations to them. INK is hopeful that “by the close of the exhibition, the once blank pages of each book will be enlivened with imaginative poly-vocal stories.” They haven’t announced yet which books have made the cut, but it may be the only chance P.G. Wodehouse fans have to peruse—or create—any of the works of Leila J. Pinckney, author of Heather o’ the Hills, Scent o’ the Blossom and 138 more novels “whose titles,” Wodehouse noted, “are lost to posterity.”

The Guardian