Animated GIF shows Rob Ford mocking councillor for drunk driving

Then the Mayor knocks over another councillor

In the days since Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted to drinking and driving, one of his go-to justifications for the behaviour has been to try to shift the blame, asking: Who among us hasn’t driven after having a drink?

Both Ford and his brother, Coun. Doug Ford, have alluded to two specific incidents during this term where other Toronto councillors ran afoul of the law for drinking and driving. Specifically, they are talking about Coun. Paul Ainslie and Coun. Ana Bailao. In May, one-time Ford ally Ainslie was pulled over at a checkstop and given a warning by police and a three-day licence suspension, but he was not charged. Before that, in January, Counc. Bailao announced she would plead guilty to a drunk-driving charge and, at a tearful press conference, asked for public forgiveness.

The Ford brothers continued to bring up these incidents Monday, during a special meeting where city councillors are trying to further limit the mayor’s power by drastically reducing his office budget. As Coun. Doug Ford stood to ask questions of Coun. Ainslie, Mayor Rob Ford sat behind him, pretending to drink and drive erratically.

The Internet, specifically freelance writer Chris Toman, quickly turned it into a GIF:

But the GIFs didn’t stop there. Later in the meeting, Coun. Doug Ford got into a spat with some hecklers in the public gallery when the Speaker called a 10-minute recess. Mayor Rob Ford rushed to his brother’s aid, darting across the council chairs and knocking over Coun. Pam McConnell in the process. He later apologized to McConnell when prompted by Coun. Paula Fletcher.

If you want to watch the above GIF to the tune of Miley Cyrus’ wrecking ball, well, you can do that over here.