Because baseball is too fast

As you already know, we here at Balls do not like anything that interferes with our ability to enjoy baseball as it was meant to be enjoyed: at a leisurely pace, with a cool beverage in hand. So, cheers to Bud Selig who is promising to experiment with instant replay to review certain umpires’ calls. A series of recent blown calls involving home runs has sparks a popular outcry for video replay.

By and large baseball writers seem to like the idea. But not me. I generally reject the whole “human element is part of the game” argument. I like instant replay in hockey and football. But I really think the human element is part of the game in baseball. Granted, umps shouldn’t be blowing home run calls (what’s so freakin’ difficult
– did it go over the fence or not?) but I would really hate it if they start reviewing close calls on the base paths, or fair/foul calls. Leave the umps in charge. And besides, instant replay would cut down on manager arguments and ejections…which means we’ll never have another genius like Earl Weaver.

Now full warning, before you click on this link…it’s full of bad words involving sexual intercourse, and various other bodily functions. Do not click if such things offend you. But if you love a good baseball argument, you’ll never do better than this. Kids: earmuffs.

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