Bernier Affair: The Lady Vanishes (or, at the very least, fails to materialize)

Well, well, well: Following in the footsteps of certain former prime ministers, Ms. Couillard has reportedly, through her lawyer, declined an invitation to testify before the Public Safety committee later this week. Or so the rumour goes …

If that turns out to be the case, there’s no reason why the committee can’t call on the Speaker to issue a warrant to compel her to appear via subpoena. ITQ is heading down to stake out the committee room, and will report back as soon as we have confirmation of this latest twist in the tale.

(We will also restrain ourselves, with difficulty, from I-Told-You-So’ing the Ethics committee for letting the aforementioned former prime minister set such an unfortunate precedent in witness recalcitrance. If you let one person get away with this sort of disrespect for the House, you risk encouraging similar behaviour in future.)

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