Bing, coming to a TV near you

Microsoft is spending as much as $100 million on advertising for its new search engine

Microsoft recently launched a new search engine called Bing. It’s a name you’ll be hearing a lot of. The company is spending as much as US$100 million on advertising for Bing, in the hopes it can build the site into an alternative to Google. On Monday, Microsoft will show an hour-long commercial that will appear on the online video site Hulu. Called the “Bing-a-thon”, it will be in the format of a comedy show, and feature
Saturday Night Live’s Jason Sudeikis. Along with traditional television advertisements, Bing will also be worked into television shows. It will appear, for instance, in segments on Late Show With Jimmy Fallon. Bing
sponsorships on some shows will actually offer viewers two extra minutes of content and less commercials. One Bing ad, which will appear on MTV Networks, will make it look like viewers are fast-forwarding through two minutes of commercials in 30 seconds.

The New York Times

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