Botox Linked to Athletic Success

Botox’s smoothing of wrinkles is well-known. What about it’s impact on the body’s athleticism? Can the cosmetic treatment help fitness?

Well, that depends. Regarding one’s muscle mass or measurable physical fitness, the injections don’t make any difference. However, when you measure how athletic people think you are, Botox changes one’s beliefs. According to a study presented at the 2008 American Academy of Otolaryngology, the recently Botoxed scored higher on first impressions of athleticism, physical attractiveness and success at dating, than the Botox-free. The drug didn’t have any effect on people’s belief’s about the subject’s social skills, financial or relationship success.

Doctors Amy Anstead and Steven Dayan tested these factors by photographing subjects before and after the cosmetic treatment, then dividing the photos into books, with each subject represented only once. Evaluators scored the photos on a variety of variables: attractiveness, athleticism, social and relationship skills, career and dating success.

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