Break Like the Wynd

One Paul takes a break, another steps up: My friend Paul, one half of Speedair and coiner of the late-90s catchphrase “the future is deadly”,  has finally started a blog called The Wyndtunnel. Like all proper blogs, he starts with a statement of intent:

Writing is the hardest thing for me to do.  I have so many ideas in my head but I dread the research that is required to back them up and so I tend to almost never write anything down.  So this blog will be my half-baked impressions of the World.  It will focus on the things that fascinate me which are:  the financial crisis, the nature of the Universe, the deadliness of the future and the horrid, horrid state of the music and film industries…

Head over there and leave lots of comments to en- or dis-courage him, as you think wise. Many of us still haven’t made up our minds on that. You can also follow him on twitter @wyndtunnel, but if you hate your colleagues, go to Speedhair’s Myspace site and crank Rut or Hitler’s Moustache at your cubicle. Singing Sands, meanwhile, is the loveliest love song Yo La Tengo never wrote.

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