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So far, it’s looking like an ok night for the Libs, but not a great night for Stephane Dion. He lost one seat, and lost a lot of ground in Van-Quadra. Given the trouble Harper has had recently, the Libs should have been looking for the electorate to send a strong message to the government, which didn’t happen. Worse for Dion, his most dangerous rival, Bob Rae, just gave a very good speech as he prepares to enter the House.

That said, having MHF in the House is a too-long delayed coup for the Libs. She’s a star.

But as my EPI colleague Alex Usher writes, the serious big news is the Green Party:

…final results still pending in Quadra, but at the moment, the Greens are beating the Dips in all three urban ridings.

Layton is toast. Liberals who think they should be tacking left are totally off their heads. Liz May will take care of the libs left flank no matter what they do.

I agree. No matter how it turns out in Qudra, Layton should be writing his resignation speech tonight. And the Libs, if anything, should be running from the over-crowded left and trying to dominate the center while — if anything — tacking right of the Tories on a handful of core issues. Such as?

Here’s one.

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