Canada and EU toughen sanctions against Iran

Cannon: “The international community is united in purpose and commitment”

Falling into step with the United States, Canada and the European Union have broadened their economic sanctions against Iran on Monday. The measures come in an effort to force Tehran to resume negotiations on its nuclear program, as it continues to defy international resolutions. Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said the sanctions are intended to “send a strong signal to Iran: the international community is united in purpose and commitment.” The sanctions, effective immediately, will prevent investment, assistance or technology transfers by European companies in the oil and gas industries that form the basis of the Iranian economy. In Canada, they will prohibit dealings with designated persons involved in nuclear, chemical, biological and missile proliferation. They ban the export of proliferation-sensitive goods, items for refining oil and gas, all remaining arms, and technology related to these goods. They also prohibit new investment in Iran’s oil and gas sector, and bar Iranian financial institutions from establishing a presence in Canada, and vice versa. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned Sunday that Iran would retaliate against the new sanctions, describing them as steps forced on Europe by the United States. “Anybody who participates in the U.S. scenario will be considered a hostile country,” he said.

Washington Post

Montreal Gazette

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