Canadians prefer Conservative minority to coalition

Tories in good standing for election: poll

According to an Ipsos Reid poll, 55 per cent of Canadians would prefer a Conservative minority while 45 per cent who would support a Liberal-NDP coalition if no party were to win a majority. That number drops 6 points to 39 per cent when the possibility of the Bloc Québécois joining the coalition is introduced. Nearly half—48 per cent—of respondents say Stephen Harper is fit to remain as prime minister, 35 per cent backed NDP leader Jack Layton, leaving Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff trailing the competition at 16 per cent support. “[Most Canadians] are not personally inspired by Harper or they don’t like him, but they think he’s a competent manager and feel he’s the right prime minster for the time,” said Bricker. Two-thirds of respondents say Canada’s political process is working “just fine” and feel there is no need for an election.

National Post

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