China quarantines 22 Montreal students

PLUS Canada’s first "severe" case of swine flu is reported in Edmonton

Twenty-two Canadian students with the University of Montreal’s Centre for Studies in East Asia have been quarantined in China in an effort to stop the spread of swine flu. According to officials at the university, the group of visiting students is currently being held at a hotel in the northern city of Changchun, where their temperature is taken four times daily. Though no one in the group has shown any signs of being infected with swine flu, Chinese officials plan to keep them in isolation in Changchun for another five days. China has not reported any cases of swine flu, and only one case of the virus in East Asia has been uncovered so far.

UPDATE: A young girl in Edmonton is in hospital with what health officials are describing as Canada’s first “severe” case of swine flu. The girl, whose age was not revealed, was described as being in “stable condition” and “doing well.” Her case is one of six new incidences of the virus reported in Alberta on Monday.