’Cause a separatist party don’t stop

Sorry if I’m a little late with this, but the elections folks in Quebec released membership and financial data for all the political parties in Quebec late last month. Looking them over, I was really surprised to see how steady the PQ’s membership numbers have been over the years, even during the rough patches. While the other parties are stacked with a bunch of fairweather friends—I’m looking especially hard at you, ADQ—the PQ base is especially resilient.

It’s always tempting to write another obit for separatism and, after its dismal results in the last election, for the PQ itself. But, like the 30-year-old amplifier in my living room that’s always a little broken but never enough to make me buy a new one, the PQ looks like it can keep this up for a long time:

[I shamelessly stole this graphic from the excellent blog.]