CBC Watch

Yesterday, the CBC had an early-morning presentation (I wouldn’t call it a party, given how sleepy everyone was) of what’s coming next Monday on the news front. Among the changes: CBC Newsworld becomes CBC News Network; the new branding for CBC news (complete with black and red Mad Men colours and fonts) is Know Now; there’s a new politics portal starring KO’M; some personnel changes in local tv and radio, and other stuff.

Colleague Geddes and I both agreed that the most interesting tidbit was the new 6pm version of the National, that will be ten minutes long and be streamed online. Even more radical: A four-minute version of the National available, also at 6pm, on your Blackberry and iPhone. No one from the CBC could answer any questions about the nature of the application that would run this broadcast, which was bad planning. They should have had an techie present to show it off.


This is how the CBC NN lineup is going to look all day:

Heather Hiscox, followed by

Anna Marie Mediwake, followed by

Suhana Meharchand, followed by

Carole MacNeil, then

Evan Solomon, then

Mark Kelly, then

Peter Mansbridge

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