Change Is Inevitable

With Hillary Clinton’s departure from the Democratic race, the battleground is now clear. This will quite possibly be the most exciting race since the 1960 battle between Kennedy and Nixon. Barack Obama, already in the process of making history, represents both transformational and generational change. John McCain, an authentic national hero, represents a Republican party whose appeal will go beyond its current electoral base. Obama energizes young people, McCain appeals to independents as no other Republican has since Ronald Reagan. Already the race is tight and no one can predict the outcome with any certainty.

What is most promising is the fact both candidates wish to conduct their campaigns with an emphasis on issues and values. They both share a disdain for politics as usual and wish to elevate the political discourse to a level more closely allied with the ideals of America. Granted, this campaign will have both high and low moments. But, the top of the tickets are giving a direction that can help restore greater faith in democracy and in participation.

This blog will continue to identify the issues, comment on the events, and analyze the course of the campaign. Between now and September each nominee will have chosen his running mate and both parties will have adopted their electoral platform. The choices will be clear and this campaign promises to be unlike any other in history. With the Internet, breaking news, and candidates committed to making political campaigning a noble part of the democratic process, we can be optimistic that this will be a political show like no other and that change will be inevitable.

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