Climate change skeptic to push for $100-billion annually to fight warming

UN climate chief once compared Bjørn Lomborg to Hitler

Bjørn Lomborg, once compared to Adolf Hitler by UN climate chief Rajendra Pachauri, will publish a book next month that calls climate change “one of the chief concerns facing the world today.” The Danish economist, once considered a thorn in the side of environmentalists everywhere, has even picked up an endorsement from Pachauri for his new book, Smart Solutions to Climate Change. Lomborg says the book is not an about face as some critics have called it; he has always believed in man-made global warming. What’s new is his belief that it is possible and worthwhile to reverse warming by spending money. Lomborg examined 15 possible policies to fight climate change and asked five economists to rank the policies on effectiveness. With carbon taxes at the bottom of their lists and spending on research and development high on their lists, Lomborg concludes that governments should abandon the taxes and spend $100-billion a year on developing technologies to reverse warming instead.


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