College basketball record comes with ball hog asterisk

Jack Taylor's 138-point game is ... Pick one: (a) A truly amazing feat. (b) A sham record that shouldn't be celebrated.

College basketball record comes with ball hog asterisk

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Jack Taylor used to be a relatively unknown American college basketball player shooting hoops in the NCAA third division for Grinnell College. Then he scored an NCAA-record 138 points Tuesday night and got the attention of the sports world.
This is not a joke. Grinnell’s Jack Taylor scored 138 points tonight vs Faith Baptist. He hit 52 FGs, 27-3’s. They won 179-104.John Sears
Grinnell’s (Div. III) Jack Taylor scored 138 points tonight against Faith Baptist Bible – the most points in a single game in NCAA history.ESPN Stats & Info
Now seriously this withe boy can HOOP! Holla at jack Taylor #jacktaylor #ncaa #basketball #recordpointsXavier Gallardo
Of course this is the one night I don’t start Jack Taylor in my Division III fantasy league…Eric Stangel
Jack Taylor’s performance was just unreal! 138 points in a college game is crazy! He took 108 shots!! 27 out of 71 from the 3-point line!!Pau Gasol
While many were amazed by the feat, others were unimpressed at the fact that Taylor took nearly every shot for his team, and tallied zero assists in his record breaking game. The sports website Deadspin called it “a sham record and shouldn’t be celebrated by anyone.”
Not a big fan of Jack Taylor’s 138-pts in Grinnell win. He took 108-shots including 71-3’s…Just say that out loud. Now say "team"!Stuart Scott
This is absolutely nuts.. #BallOut #CollegeHoops #NCAA #JackTaylor #ScoringRecordTorian Bridges
Jack Taylor’s points-to-assists ratio of 138:0. #TFMTotal Frat Move
Jack Taylor after scoring 138: "It felt like everything I tossed up was going in." Well, except for those 56 missed shotsLarry Stone
Jack Taylor’s shot chart from his 138-point game (via @ESPNStatsInfo) Report
Jack Taylor shot the ball 3 times for every minute he was on the court. That’s gotta be a new "ball-hog" record.David Litsheim
Shoutout to Jack Taylor for scoring 138 pts. in a basketball game, some say ballhog, I say #WinninMarcus Green
Why is everyone getting all over Jack Taylor? He scored 138 points, who cares about assists. Jealous much?Colin
"Yeah, you scored 138 points-but you missed 3 free throws. You have to focus at the line!"-What my Dad would say to me if I were Jack TaylorFrank Caliendo
#grinellcollege #jacktaylor #basketballAdam Kobo
I like how Jack Taylor scored 138. Someone from the other team scored 70 and shot 34-44 and got no loveTriston Simpson

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