At least 10 dead after weekend protest in Iran

Moussavi pushes for more protests, Canada and the U.S. speak out on the violence

A day of violent clashes in the streets of Tehran Saturday left at least 10 dead and many injured, according to an Iranian state TV reports. Police and security forces tried to hold back the crowds, as the pro-government militia, the Basji, attacked with tear gas and reportedly beat the protesters with clubs and electric prods. Opposition leader Mir Hussein Moussavi has vowed he is ready to be a martyr, and those who follow him—and believe the election was rigged—have shown a willingness to fight on despite the government’s violent response. The world continues to watch, as President Obama called the government’s reaction “unjust.” And Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said, “Canada condemns the decision of the Iranian authorities to use violence and force against their own people.”

New York Times