Coroner tells police: Jackson death a homicide

Pop star had "lethal levels" of drugs in his system

According to documents unsealed today in Houston, Michael Jackson had “lethal levels” of the powerful anesthetic propofol in his system when he died. The finding was contained in documents filed by the L.A. County coroner’s office, which reached its conclusion after performing an autopsy on the pop star. Conrad Murray, Jackson’s doctor at the time of his death, told detectives he had been giving Jackson propofol every night for six weeks as a treatment for insomnia. Murray says he eventually tried to wean Jackson off the drug, fearing he may have been developing an addiction. However, on the morning of Jackson’s death, Murray says he gave Jackson propofol after other drugs—including valium, lorazepam and midazolam—failed to put him to sleep.

Los Angeles Times

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