Crowdfunding Evolution: An Update

You’ll perhaps recall that Baba Brinkman is trying to raise money through Crowdfunder to make some kickass videos for his “Rap Guide to Evolution”. I posted details earlier.

Well, things are going well but they need a bit of a push to get them over the top. Here’s Baba’s latest letter:


Happy New Year!

It’s the final two weeks of the Rap Guide to Evolution DVD Crowdfunder drive and we’re only at 81%, which is much better than I had feared, but Crowdfunder’s rules are strict.  If we don’t meet or exceed the £10,000 target in the 60 day timeframe everyone gets their money back and we’re stuck with our original (highly stretched) budget.  We can’t let this happen!  There are 13 days left as of today, so this is a call to arms.  Please share this link on facebook, twitter, blogs, and emails, and if you’ve been thinking of contributing, now is the time!

And here’s a recent post on that has given the pitch a nice boost, literally a 6% increase in the past 48 hours, thanks in part perhaps to the heated debates raging in the comments section, including a spat between myself and a semi-famous transexual blank-slatist over the scientific validity of evolutionary psychology.

Also, I’m accepting bookings through the Crowdfunder drive, and so far two different venues have secured bookings by contributing £1,000.  Email me to check about possible dates and availability first, as this is currently the only way I’m booking events for 2011 due to the off-Broadway run that’s scheduled to start in New York in March.  So if you’ve been thinking of organizing a performance of the Rap Guide to Evolution or Rap Canterbury Tales this year, let’s do it through Crowdfunder and put the money towards the DVD post-production costs!

Speaking of the upcoming off-Broadway run, Sharon Levy of Dovetail Productions is currently organizing the venue, hiring the team, and raising the crucial funds to make this happen, mostly through private investment.  She needs to secure $300K (minimum $5-$10K units), standard for New York off-Broadway theatre, and she is open to investors from my network (that’s y’all).  Be warned that there is risk involved, but also possible financial reward (if you think I’m bankable prospect!)  Let me know if you’re seriously interested and I’ll connect you with Sharon, but first read her Executive Summary with the pitch.

In other news, we have now finished all of the live filming for the music videos and the footage we have is amazing!  We filmed a Galapagos beach party for “Worst Comes to Worst”, a grimy snarling fire-in-a-barrel rudeboy video for “Survival of the Fittest”, and a breakdance battle between Darwin, Sarah Palen, Michel Foucault, and *God* for “Survival of the Fittest”.  Check out the photos on the bottom of the Crowdfunder pitch page.

Next, crowdfunder willing, is the editing and post-production phase, and finally the release party, hopefully in early April to coincide with the off-Broadway run.  One final push to make it happen!

Thanks for your support and continued efforts,


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