darling prize of May

I’m back from a week in China; if you are at all interested in knowing what I’ve been up to, check out my blog of the trip, over here on the Ottawa Citizen site.

Anyway, back I come and what do I see but that Kathryn May has won a National Newspaper Award for her work on the RCMP pension scandal. I cannot begin to describe how happy this makes me. I’m Kathryn’s editor at the Citizen, and you don’t know how much she deserves this prize. Kathryn is one of Canadian journalism’s great unsung talents, largely because she covers a beat — the public service of the federal government — about which 99% of the population does not care in the slightest. But she strikes fear into the bureaucracy like few journalists can or do; I’m not kidding nor exaggerating when I say that Kathryn May is a weapon of democracy. More than anything, she brings a dedication, tenacity and intelligence to this file that is unparalleled, because she cares about getting the story right. Want an example? Here’s her most recent piece, explaining Donald Savoie’s latest book for the masses.

One of the great privileges of being at the OC has been getting to work with Kathryn. Her efforts on the RCMP pension fiasco was done before I go to the paper, so I can’t take any credit for this. But it doesn’t make me any less proud.

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