Did Canada win at soccer? Um … nope

Aaron Hutchins on Canada vs. Honduras

Did Canada win at soccer? Ummm… nope.

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The men’s Canadian soccer team had the biggest game of their careers Tuesday afternoon. With the chance to advance to the final qualifying round for the 2014 World Cup, the country needed just a tie against Honduras. Seeing as Canada hadn’t made the World Cup since 1986, the stakes couldn’t be higher this time around.
Today 4pm canada vs Honduras, a tie or win gets us in last World Cup qualifying round!Nick Mastro.
This Canada Honduras game is really going to be something.Jay Baruchel
Pretty soon after the opening whistle, things didn’t start off well for the red and white.
And Canada down 1-0 inside 10 mins after blowing chance to take the lead.Paul Chapman
2-0 Honduras. Is Peyton Manning available for Canada?James Cybulski
Pretty soon, the hockey analogies came out.
Canada men’s soccer team down 3-0 to Honduras just 30 minutes into the game — in hockey, that would be like being down 10-0 after the 1stMike Le Couteur
Hockey may be locked out, but Canada’s other national pastime — being bad at soccer — soldiers on.Harrison Mooney
Canada playing soccer is like Jamaica playing hockeyTHE REGULATOR
Pointless polishing a turd. This is absolutely dismal by Canada. Looks as if they were beat before taking the field. 3-0James Sharman
Yeeesh. Honduras 4-0 Canada first half. Sad-true comment from a Canada fan: "At this point *I’m* going to throw urine bags at the Canadians"Kim Brunhuber
Honduras players are going to be worried when Team Canada comes out for the second-half dressed as the St. Louis Cardinals.Ian Mendes
And things got downright embarrassing for the Canucks.
If you had told me Honduras would be leading Canada, 5-0, after 60 minutes, I would’ve said, "Yeah…I could see that."Jason Brough
We nearly got in the way of the last Honduran goal. 6-0. #CanMNT #CanadaAsif Hossain
My 7-year old son: “6-0??? Why is Canada so bad???” I wish there was an easy answer for that one, son.Jason deVos
When Canada finally scored, it didn’t even give a flicker of hope.
Iain Hume got a goal so Canada is not completely humiliated. Just humiliated. 6-1 Honduras.Dan Hayward
And then the Hondurans got back to work.
7-1 Honduras over Canada. Shouldn’t we at least send our tough guys out there to fight now? #misshockeyScott Taylor
Honduras is beating Canada 8-1 and are so confident in victory that they have substituted their goalkeeper. Canada surely isn’t THIS bad…Matthew Alrick Brown
At the final whistle, Honduras won 8-1. And no one could come to the defense of the Canadians.
Wow, Honduras 8-1 Canada! Honduras build on an encouraging showing at the Olympics this summer to absolutely destroy Canada.Just Football
Canada loses 8-1 in soccer. Our men’s team – no bar too low for this group.Mark Spector Sports
Did Canada even know what sport they were supposed to be playing? Because they just lost a soccer game by a touchdown.Harrison Mooney
Canada absolutely embarrassed by Honduras. Goodbye, 2014 World Cup — Skeets
The one upside of Canada getting annihilated in soccer is that I don’t care about soccer.scottfeschuk
No one on the field or on the touchline should have anything to do with Canadian Soccer again. No joke. #canadaSid Seixeiro

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