Don't hold your breath, says Layton

The NDP leader looks into the future and sees his party voting no to the Tories, again

Harper can’t look to the NDP for support if the Liberals move a motion of no-confidence in the fall says Jack Layton. Come September, the conservatives are obliged to report on infrastructure spending stimulus and, if unhappy with the report, the Liberals could move a motion of no-confidence. This agreement was decided upon last week after Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff supported the government on a confidence motion for a chance to create a panel to review the employment insurance system.

The NDP, on the other hand, has been voting no all along and doesn’t plan to change its position even if the polls aren’t in their favour. “We are going to continue to oppose the direction that Stephen Harper has been taking the country and the economy because we think it’s wrong,” says Layton.

The Globe and Mail

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