Don’t let the meth bugs bite

Drug dealers are using motel rooms instead of their homes to mix their addictive brews

And you thought bed bugs were the only thing lurking in your hotel room. According to statistics released by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, methamphetamine “cooks” are secretly converting hundreds of motel rooms into covert drug labs—leaving behind a toxic mess of dangerous contaminants for unsuspecting customers and housekeeping crews. It’s the perfect scheme, really. Drug pushers can check in like everyone else, mix their highly addictive chemicals in a matter of hours, and then slip out the next morning—and never have to worry about the cops raiding their homes. At last count, the DEA has found evidence of meth-making in 1,789 motel and hotel rooms over the past five years. And that’s just the ones that authorities know about. Sleep tight.

CBS News

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