Double-doubles, but no lattes in Detroit

The decline of the Motor City has been good for Tim Hortons but not for Starbucks

Just how badly are Detroit’s fortunes sinking? In a city of nearly one million, there are only four Starbucks stores left. There is no Chrysler or Jeep dealership within the city limits. Residents are even finding it hard to locate a place to buy groceries—there is no national grocery chain operating in Detroit. Retail is fleeing the city as the auto industry collapses and white collar jobs disappear. The city’s declining tax base also makes it an unattractive place to do business as services are cut: police response times are slower, snow is cleared less frequently, and trash is picked up less often. One of the few retail stores that seems to be doing well: a new Tim Hortons’ franchise that opened downtown.

The Wall Street Journal