Felix Baumgartner: #Blessed

Austrian daredevil makes one giant fall for mankind

One giant fall for mankind

Felix Baumgartner fell into the record books on Sunday afternoon after a death-defying freefall over New Mexico. "Mission accomplished," the Austrian daredevil tweeted after his 37-kilometre plunge. Here’s how Twitter recorded the jump, which had originally been scheduled for earlier this week:

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a human being will be jumping from 120,000 feet free falling for about 6 minutes tomorrow. He is basically in outerspace. #RedBull Amazing.Josh Stump
As Felix goes into crew rest for the night, his mom took a moment to put on his helmet for Good luck #stratos #livejump Bull Stratos
This time tomorrow we’ll know if Felix Baumgartner has survived jumping 100,000+ feet to Earth, breaking sound barrier
Guy jumping from space, guys. Heads up.Bruce Arthur
Guy’s not jumping from space today, guys. As you were.Bruce Arthur
Countdown to launch. Balloon fully inflated. Next step, launch to the stratosphere. #stratos #livejump Bull Stratos
#BlessedFelix Baumgartner
This is beautfiul!!!Felix Baumgartner
Live from space! World you are beautiful.Felix Baumgartner
Felix is about to jump! Bull Stratos
Amazing picture of @FelixBaumgart Kolmer
A big thank you to @felix_baumgart, @redbullstratos, and @NASA for letting us be a part of such a historic moment!!! Bullock
history @redbull @FelixBaumgart @RedBullStratos #edgeofspace Umali
#felibaumgartner standing in #space seconds before his jump and save landing back on earth by @joergmitter @ Bull Stratos
Felix Baumgartner and his team are now officially legendary! What does 725 MPH feel like? @felixbaumgart Pennington
RT @RaphaelBrinkert: "Mach keine Werbung, mach etwas interessantes." Von @RedBull zu lernen, heißt siegen zu lernen. #Redbullstratos
Felix lands safely! #livejump #livejump Bull Stratos
Felix just broke the record for the record of highest manned balloon flight at over 113,740 ft. Bull Stratos
#felixbaumgartner reached 60.000 feet. #redbull #stratos #mission #control room by @joergmitter @limeximages Bull Stratos
Dear Mrs Eva Baumgart ,Your Son made it!! Congratulations!!!! @felixbaumgart #LiveJump Erika
My hero at the moment @FelixBaumgart !!Swag
You’re a hero @FelixBaumgart.وعد المطرفي
Mission accomplished!Felix Baumgartner

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