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A picture of red dresses hanging in the snow

A Killer Among Them

In the spring of 2022, four women went missing within the same few blocks in downtown Winnipeg. This spring, the man accused of their murders will go on trial. So will the city they all called home.
A photo of a child sitting on the ground between two parents' legs.

The Rise of the One-and-Done Family

Many Canadian couples are having just one kid. Why a declining birth rate spells trouble for the country’s future.
12 Neighbours founder Marcel LeBrun at the 12 Neighbours warehouse. (Photography by Chris Donovan)

How one Canadian tech millionaire built a tiny-home community

Marcel LeBrun made millions as a software tycoon, then funnelled his fortune into 12 Neighbours, a planned community of 99 affordable tiny homes in Fredericton. For the city’s unhoused, it’s a chance to turn their luck around.
A young boy in a white t-shirt and blue jeans sits cross-legged and stares intently ahead, holding a gaming console in his hand

They Lost their Kids to Fortnite

A group of Canadian parents say their kids are so addicted to the video game Fortnite that they’ve stopped eating, sleeping and showering. Now these parents want to hold its tech-giant creator accountable.
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The New Class Of Canadian Olympians

Here are three young athletes surfing, breaking and skateboarding their way to the podium
Give doctors a capital gains tax break

Why Doctors Need a Capital Gains Tax Break

A tweak to the government’s controversial new tax legislation would encourage more Canadian physicians to stick around
Divorce party celebration

I Threw Myself a Divorce Party

I invited my family, friends and a scantily clad male bartender—and finally got closure

The War Over Safe Drug Supply in Vancouver

Two activists gave away untainted heroin, cocaine and meth . They say they saved lives. The federal government says they’re drug traffickers.
Millefleurs lavender farm in Prince Edward County, Ontario
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A Lakeside Lavender Farm

An Ottawa couple transformed an empty farm into a lavender dreamland

MBA Guide 2024

Browse through Canada’s top MBA programs to find the right fit for you 

The Aquatic Adventures of Maggie Mac Neil

The Tokyo gold winner overcame asthma and broken bones on her path to the Paris Olympics
UFred Feature

5 Ways an Online MBA Can Help You Take Charge of Your Career

Plus: Everything you need to know about the University of Fredericton’s highly sought-after program
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A Woodland Chalet on Vancouver Island

An Ontario family in health crisis finds remedy in a Vancouver Island barn
A smiling family in front of a tropical background
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Why One Edmonton Family Moved to Mexico

“Our new home is cheaper, warmer and buzzing with Canadian expats”