Forget Europe—the Chinese like seal

Canada takes seal industry promotion to Beijing

What’s the best way to tick off anti-seal hunt advocates? How about introducing a high-profile seal-fur fashion line on the runways of Beijing. That’s what Fisheries Minister Gail Shea plans to do Tuesday as part of her campaign to market Canadian seal products in China. “There’s huge market potential here,” Shea says. Just as the European Union implements strict sanctions on Canadian seal, China has proved to be a big buyer. And it’s not just seal fur that draws in the big bucks; seal-oil capsules made from blubber are also selling well. “The Chinese eat anything,” says Wayne Mackinnon, one of the seal-industry executives travelling with Ms. Shea. “And they simply don’t understand why you would put one animal over another. I suspect that over the next decade, the Chinese market alone could take all the seal products that we could make.”

The Globe and Mail

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