From the editors: Maclean’s redesign

Times change, and we change with them

Times change, and we change with them. That ancient Latin proverb is still relevant today and we are extremely proud of the newly redesigned Maclean’s on the newsstands now.

The first thing you will have noticed is the cover. We’ve pared down our use of headlines on the front to create a more authoritative and elegant face to the magazine. The result is a single and immediately arresting image. Our cover promises to grab your attention like never before.

Inside, we will be working hard to maintain that attention. The new-look Maclean’s includes more stories and more words per issue. We have increased the space for the National, International, Business and Society sections, giving our award-winning reporters more space to shine. We’ve revamped the “Notes” at the end of each section. These briefs provide a quick tour around the country and the world—bringing you fascinating stories that slip through the cracks at other publications.

We are also pleased to be introducing a permanent book review section, so readers will have a heads up on what everyone else will be talking about in the coming weeks. All in all, the expanded Maclean’s will include almost as many words as a standard-sized novel. Plus, we have enhanced the links between the magazine and our website,

Of course, in the midst of all this change, we haven’t forgotten what has already made us the most popular newsmagazine in the country: our unparalleled array of columnists. All our popular writers are still here. Mark Steyn, Scott Feschuk, Andrew Coyne, Barbara Amiel, Paul Wells, Andrew Potter. And our obituary feature “The End” retains its place of honour on our final page.

Please take a good look at our new magazine. Let us know what you think.