FUBAR’s Terry and Dean at TIFF

On their new film, Stephen Harper, and life as hoser icons

A couple of greasy-haired headbangers weaved their way into the hearts of Canadians one crushed beer can at a time in 2002 with the hilarious, unconventional and massively under-financed mockumentary FUBAR. The film, from director Michael Dowse, tells the simple story of Terry (David Lawrence) and Dean (Paul Spence) as they drink, listen to their beloved hair metal, and go camping in a bid to give’r one last time before Dean undergoes surgery for testicular cancer.

FUBAR II, premiering Friday, catches up with the boys a few years down the road as they get kicked out of their house and head for Fort McMurray to strike it rich. It’s rare for a sequel to best its original, but FUBAR II manages to cram in even more hilarious lunacy—and does so with a tighter story that also features some intelligent, but not overbearing, social commentary about drugs, friendship, and the problems inherent in fast money. Terry, Dean and Dowse sat down with Maclean’s before their gala opening—which started when they drove up to the red carpet on a flatbed truck pulling headbangers, a band, and strippers—at the Toronto International Film Festival to discuss the film, their message to Stephen Harper, and life since becoming hoser icons.

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