gangs of sao paolo

Making the rounds is this cool little piece from Foreign Policy magazine, listing the world’s most dangerous gangs. Forget about the Triads or the Cosa Nostra, they’re wusses. The badasses of the world now are the Kikuyu (who recently went berserk in Kenya) and the prison gangs of Sao Paolo.

If you like this sort of stuff, definitely check out Manda Bala, a very awesome documentary about crime and corruption in Brazil, especially Sao Paolo. It weaves together a number of stories — plastic surgeon who makes ears for people who have had theirs cut off by kidnappers; a thug who swtiched to kidnapping because he got tired of having to rob 30 banks a month; a software dude who rides around in a bullet-proof Porsche 911; and a frog farmer who…. well, you need to see it.

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