Giffords’ condition ‘still critical’

Congresswoman’s prognosis positive, suspected shooter appears in court

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Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords remains in critical condition after being shot in the head at point-blank range during a shooting rampage in Tucson, Arizona last weekend. Jared Lee Loughner has been charged in the attack that left 6 dead and 14 wounded. Giffords’ neurosurgeon, Dr. Michael Lemole, said that no change in her condition is a “good thing,” and that her brain was “working at a higher level” than previously. Meanwhile, Loughner appeared in court on Monday and was charged with attempted assassination of a member of Congress, two counts of first degree murder of a federal employee, and two counts of attempted murder of a federal employee. These are federal charges, meaning he may also face other state charges. Loughner, who if convicted will most likely face the death penalty, is represented by Judy Clarke, who defended Unabomber Ted Kacynski and is an opponent of capital punishment. President Barack Obama led the nation in a day of mourning on Monday, while some lawmakers, including Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg and Republican Rep. Peter King, are planning to introduce legislation to tighten gun control.

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