UPDATED GiornoWatch – The revolution started yesterday, apparently.

Full credit to Commenter Anon for picking up on two new additions to the post-Giorno PMO: Robert Elliott and Daniel Joseph, both of whom are now listed as “special assistants” to the Chief of Staff. Elliott is, according to Anon, a former Fasken Martineau colleague – not this guy, who very kindly let us know that he’s not the one – and Daniel Joseph is a big ole mystery, at least as far as ITQ is concerned. Feel free to speculate merrily away in the comments.

UPDATE: According to the Other Robert Elliott, the new inhabitant of Langevin Block is probably this Robert Elliott, 6th vice-president of the Ontario PC Party.

UPPERDEDATED: Could this Trinity Western alum and Patriots fan be the mysterious Daniel Joseph? Very probably, according to this June 18th wall post:

Hey Danny,

Congratulations on the PMO job. Sorry I couldn’t make it tonight.

Actually, scrolling down through the rest of the wall posts, it appears that he is, indeed, the newly appointed special assistant. Welcome to Ottawa, Danny!

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