GiornoWatch: Weekend Update Teaser Edition

Full roundup of confirmed changes, plus a halfhearted attempt at figuring out What It All Means coming later today, but for starters:

  • A quick scan of GEDS confirms that Keith Beardsley — formerly the deputy chief of staff for “issues management” has left the building — voluntarily, according to The Hill Times, although that may just mean that he was able to scramble over the barbed wire fence before Guy Giorno could release the hounds.
  • Lydia Difrancesco, previously listed as “Coordinator, Special Projects” was, apparently, not quite special enough to survive the Gioreckoning Hour – no word on where she wound up, but she’s no longer listed in the main PMO directory, and was apparently one of the earliest casualties of the new regime.
  • Near total decimation at Operations, starting with deputy chief of staff Rosanna Whissell. In fact, the only staff members who seem to have survived are the office manager and administrative assistant.
  • Finally, we’re still trying to find out just what transpired between Giorno and the driver — yes, the PM’s chief of staff has a driver; who knew? – that he inherited from his predecessor. He apparently lasted less than four hours on the job, but it’s not clear whether he was fired, or quit for ‘stress-related reasons.’ We invite the former driver – or, heck, Guy Giorno himself – to drop us a line to let us know what happened.

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