Great day for the Republicans

In my last post, I made reference to the possibility of a tipping point within the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton, in an attempt to regain momentum and save her campaign, has taken to attacking Barack Obama on his qualifications to be president. Some of her quotes are quite astonishing and Republicans are silently applauding her in the hope that, should Obama become the nominee, they will use her face and her quotes in their advertising next fall. Should Clinton succeed in reversing the trend and defeat Obama, she will have done it the old, traditional way of tearing down the opponent. I am certain that was not the original plan. However, this will do little for party unity in the long run. A wounded Obama or a polarizing Hillary? Take your pick.

Meanwhile, there is a strong possibility that John McCain will wrap up the nomination and begin his campaign for November tonight. Against the wounded Obama, McCain will present himself as the sage, authentic war hero, man of integrity and independent thinker. Against Hillary, he will present himself as a man of conviction, a likable and unifying leader who reaches out to his opponent. In both cases, McCain’s campaign looks more promising than it did a few days ago.

Remember March 3, the day before the primary, as the day where Hillary Clinton indicated that only her and John McCain bring experience and qualifications to the White House while Barack Obama brings only a speech he made in 2002. Tipping point? Maybe not, but we will know in November. March 3 was a good day for the Republicans.

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