Guy Lafleur guilty of obstructing justice

Hockey legend faces 14 years for perjury

Guy Lafleur, le démon blond, has been tamed by the courts. Montreal Canadiens’ fabled and colourful right winger, whose youngest son Mark is serving a 15-month house arrest sentence on several drug, drunk driving and assault charges, was found to have lied on the stand while testifying in Mark’s defence last year. (Maclean’s chronicled the case.) Lafleur originally told the court that Mark hadn’t broken his curfew, only to say the exact opposite days later. Though he faces a maximum of 14 years in jail for perjury, Lafleur’s lawyer has asked the court for an absolution–fearing a criminal record will prevent his client from traveling to the States. He will be sentenced in June.

Ottawa Citizen

Maclean’s (for more context)