Harper inches ahead of Ignatieff for first time in months

Tories now command 34.8 per cent support in new poll

After lagging behind the Ignatieff-led Liberals for months, the Conservatives have regained the lead, according to the latest EKOS/CBC tracking poll. Nationally, the governing Tories now command 34.8 per cent support—a two per cent jump since last week. Meanwhile, the Liberals fell to 32.6 per cent, a 1.1 per cent drop during the same period.  It was “not a good week at all for the Liberals,” says EKOS president Frank Graves, who notes that the drop could represent a “short term political setback.” Still, the numbers have to be discouraging for Liberal party strategists, who were just starting to get used to being out in front. Meanwhile, the NDP is down 2 per cent, and currently sits at 14.3 per cent – its lowest standing in over a month – and the Bloc Quebecois is up slightly with 9 per cent.


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