Harper’s on top

UPDATE: Or is he falling behind

Prime Minister Stephen Harper could be on top again. According to a new Ipsos Reid poll, the Conservatives have gained a big lead in popularity over opposition Liberals. Conservatives now have 39 per cent of support from decided voters, the poll suggests, compared to 28 per cent for Liberals. That news does not bode well for Liberals who have been pushing to bring down the Harper government in time for a fall election.

But maybe the Liberals don’t need to worry just yet. On Monday, a seperate Harris-Decima survey announced that Liberals have, in fact, edged ahead—capturing 32 per cent support, over the Tories’ 31 per cent. What’s next? A poll which puts the Bloc in the lead? Both polls together gave the NDP somewhere between 14 and 16 per cent of national support, and the Green party between 10 and 11 per cent.

Winnipeg Free Press

The Globe and Mail

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