Helena Guergis must pay $118,560 for opponents’ legal costs

Helena Guergis’ unsuccessfully defamation lawsuit against Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other big names of the Conservative Party will be costing her an extra $118,560.

An Ontario Superior Court judge ruled Monday that the former MP and minister of state for the status of women must pay the legal costs for her opponents in the 2011 lawsuit that was dismissed.

The Prime Minister dropped Guergis from his cabinet after a run of bad press which included her allegedly using some colourful language at a P.E.I. airport. She was also getting bad publicity regarding the RCMP investigating allegations into her husband using her parliamentary office for his own commercial business. The RCMP later cleared her of any wrongdoing, but Guergis was not allowed to return the Conservative Party and instead sat as an independent MP.

Guergis ran in the 2011 federal election as an independent conservative in the Simcoe-Grey riding, but finished a distant third.

According to the Toronto Star, she returned to school last year to study law at the University of Alberta.