Here we go again:

Conservatives, NDP mum on whether to allow Elizabeth May into the debates

Deprived, at least for the moment, of a fall election, political junkies can at least distract themselves debating whether Elizabeth May and the Greens have earned a permanent spot at the lectern during future leaders’ debates. The Hill Times reports the Liberals and Bloc Quebecois still support Ms. May’s inclusion, but judging from their respective non-responses to the question, the Conservatives and the New Democrats seem distinctly underwhelmed by the prospect. The NDP’s Brad Lavigne “declined to offer any position,” preferring instead to trot out the party’s now familiar talking point about making parliament work. The Conservatives, meanwhile, simply refused to be interviewed at all. Meanwhile, Ms. May continues to make her case, pointing out that the Greens are “the favourite choice of one in 10 voters,” and as such, her exclusion would be “simply untenable.”

The Hill Times