Hey, fans of questionable claims of moral equivalence

What do you have to say about comparing a retired general, author, speaker and respected parliamentarian to “a member of the Khadr family”? More or less appropriate than allegedly (but not actually) comparing violations of international law by the United States and Canada to “using adolescents with Down’s Syndrome to blow up kids in a pet market”?

UPDATE: Poilievre’s exact statement in the House of Commons today:

Mr. Speaker, Omar Khadr is a believed terrorist and Taliban fighter. He is charged with throwing a grenade and killing a medic. Fighting along with the same Taliban terrorists that are killing our troops is an attack against us all.

Now the Liberals want to bring Khadr to Canada. Yesterday a Liberal senator compared the Canadian government to al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The secretary of state did not.

He also suggested that Canada’s refusal to bring Khadr to this country is just as bad as strapping explosives onto a handicapped girl and sending her to blow up civilians.

This is the kind of scorching rhetoric that one would expect from the Khadr family. To see it adopted by a Liberal senator is truly shocking.

Following this outburst Canadians want to know where the Liberal leader stands. Will he rise now and call on his senator to apologize?

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