Hillary Saves the Day

The grownups finally showed up at the DNC. Great speech by Hillary Clinton. Slow start, but once she got some momentum going it was dynamite.  Sure it was mostly about her, but it was gracious enough, and there was enough about B-Rock and Michelle and BIden and everyone else that they have nothing to complain about. She was the jilted girl showing up at the dance in the best dress, saying “look what you could have had.”

Best part for me was when she alluded to the underground railroad (“when you hear the dogs… keep going. When you see the torches… keep going.”)  I normally get all cringy when Americans go on about America, but the way she then turned the “keep going” riff into a symbol of the whole American attitude was deftly done.

This was a speech designed to leave half the people in the room thinking, “did we make a mistake?”. I think she probably succeeded.

As for CNN: Wolf and Anderson are so pale, it’s like the Man from Glad sitting beside Orville Redenbacher. Love Carville tho.

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