Hipsters and other Rebel Sells

Many of you have written to draw my attention to the cover story in the current issue of Adbusters, arguing that hipsterdom represents “the dead end of western civilisation” because, unlike previous countercultures, this one “has been stripped of its subversion and originality.”

That’s almost true. Yes, hipsterdom does not offer much in the way of subversion, but neither did beats, hippies, or punks, etc. Is hipsterdom unoriginal? I dunno. A lot of it is pretty dumb, but I actually think mumblecore (bands like Bishop Allen, films like Mutual Apprecation) is sweet.

Anyway, Sarah Barmak has a piece in the Star hitting the obvious replies, and there’s a good blog post about it here.

RELATED: Joe and I heard today that HarperCollins has sold the rights to the Rebel Sell to MUZA, a publishing house in Poland.


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